15 , May , 2022

Everything you should know about “Welcome Place” – Issue #3

Hello سلام In 2009, when I arrived in France as a refugee, I spent hundreds of euros calling my family back home. Several weeks later, I realized that some services were 10 times cheaper. On February 28, Kat Borlongan former director of la French Tech and Chief Impact Officer of […]
13 , March , 2022

🗳️Pourquoi j’écris “French Match” (en anglais) sur les présidentielles françaises ? – Updates #5

J’ai dédié ma plume – mon clavier en réalité – à vous fournir une newsletter inédite et spéciale, French Match, sur les élections présidentielles françaises. Après 13 ans (déjà?!) de suivi de près de la politique française, je me suis dit qu’il est temps d’aider les non-Français à mieux comprendre la […]
21 , October , 2021

This article is fully written by an algorithm: welcome to the future of writing

Journalism in the digital age is fundamentally changing, faster than any similar shift in our history. This has far-reaching implications for the way in which media is practiced, consumed and produced. In which AI, algorithms and journalists work together to produce useful, relevant news. Using a combination of new AI […]
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